March 28, 2011

mysterious faces

The other day I found this quirky piece of art in a thrift store for $5. At first I was repulsed by the creepy faces staring back at me and I almost shrieked out loud in horror when they first came to my attention. But the more time I spent wandering through the store, the more I was strangely compelled to return to this picture, again and again, until at last I decided to make them mine. I have no idea about the history of these two outrageous people. They are hand drawn in pencil and I get the impression that they are German or of Eastern European decent. Perhaps they are someones parents, or grandparents or maybe they were not known to the artist and they both sat quietly, reservedly, for an eternity for someone to capture them, only to wind up on some strange girls bedroom wall. Either way, I will never know their story and that does make me a little sad. I have named them Margaret and David and I find their company unusually soothing. What do you make of them? 

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