February 20, 2011


This is my first post for 2011 and I apologise for the delay but shit kind of got crazy. I don't know about everyone else, but so far my 2011 has been nothing short of strange. I won't go into the details here but I will say that as a result of these curious events, I have been mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I am feeling a lot better now but on top of everything that has already happened in these two short months, next week I go in for surgery on my cervical spine. The disc at C5 is beyond repair and so the neurosurgeon will wave his magical scalpel and remove the remaining disc particles before fitting me with a brand new, shiny, titanium disc replacement. To say that I am nervous would be an understatement.... but the issue is no longer just one of immense pain, and in fact the nerve root is so compacted that is has started affecting the use of my arms and my ability to stand upright without falling over. Seriously hideous and scary stuff.

Luckily I am blessed to have my parents here for the long haul, holding my hand as I journey back to normalcy..... and my best friend will be flying up to be by my side when I go under. Wish me luck.

One piece of good news is that we have moved into a seriously awesome house that is nestled on two gorgeous acres in Clunes. Last week I watched a wallaby race past me as I sat on the deck sipping my tea....and the other day my daughter and I went for a wander through our very own creek that is inhabited by some rather special platypus! It feels good to be here and I am looking forward to spending the recovery process in my very own oasis.

Well, I really just wanted to touch base and remind everyone that I am still dedicated to this blog and I do hope to get back into regular posts in the not to distant future. x

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